Thesis / Dissertation

The effects of task complexity and its interaction with proficiency level on learners’ L2 production

Thi Ngoc Quynh Nguyen, Gillian Wigglesworth (ed.)

Published : 2012


There have been persistent controversies among cognitive psycholinguistic SLA researchers on all issues related to the information-processing architecture of the second language learner’s cognitive system. However, one of the most heated debates by far has been whether there exists only one single pool of attention in the learner’ mind and its capacity is limited (Broadbent, 1958; Kahneman, 1973; Skehan, 1996, 1998) or there are multiple resources of attentional pools in learners’ mind, which can be drawn to in parallel to meet multiple cognitive demands (Robinson, 2001a, 2003, 2007a; Robinson & Gilabert, 2007; Wickens, 1984, 2007). In order to seek evidence for either of these views, resear..

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