Thesis / Dissertation

Giovanni Florio's First Fruites (1578): dialogue and cultural exchange in Elizabethan England

DAVID CHIDGEY, Andrea Rizzi (ed.)

Published : 2013


In this thesis I investigate the ambitious nature of Giovanni Florio’s First Fruites (1578), an Italian-English dialogue manual in parallel-text format. The ambitiousness of the text has been suggested by Frances Yates (1934), Michael Wyatt (2005) and, most importantly, Florio himself. Yates assessed Florio’s outlook as more literary and courtly than his predecessors, and Wyatt noted that the text tackles a variety of difficult grammatical issues from the opening dialogue. Their reading of First Fruites as ambitious is based on an analysis of its language pedagogy in comparison to Claudius Hollyband’s The French Littelton (1576). This thesis argues that Florio took advantage of a broader tra..

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