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Identification of a novel pentatricopeptide repeat subfamily with a C-terminal domain of bacterial origin acquired via ancient horizontal gene transfer.

Sam Manna, Christian Barth

BMC Research Notes | Published : 2013


BACKGROUND: Pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins are a large family of sequence-specific RNA binding proteins involved in organelle RNA metabolism. Very little is known about the origin and evolution of these proteins, particularly outside of plants. Here, we report the identification of a novel subfamily of PPR proteins not found in plants and explore their evolution. RESULTS: We identified a novel subfamily of PPR proteins, which all contain a C-terminal tRNA guanine methyltransferase (TGM) domain, suggesting a predicted function not previously associated with PPR proteins. This group of proteins, which we have named the PPR-TGM subfamily, is found in distantly related eukaryotic lineag..

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