Thesis / Dissertation

Somewhere, between 'in' and 'out': locating Jia and internet in Baling-jiulinghou Chinese gay subjectivities

Keren Yi, Fran Martin (ed.)

Published : 2016


Informed by face-to-face interviews with over twenty young gay men during a 2013 field trip to five cities across Mainland China, this research thesis critically examines the everyday articulations of their sexual subjectivities both in the space of family and in cyberspace. By contemplating the state of existence experienced by these young men—specifically, their management of parent-child relationships and their utilization of Internet and geo-locative social media in negotiating their sexual identities—this thesis seeks to provide a framework to theorize broader socio-cultural specificities lived by this generation of urban Chinese gay men. A central argument of this dissertation is that..

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