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Structural integrity with functional plasticity: what type I IFN receptor polymorphisms reveal.

Nicole A de Weerd, Julian P Vivian, San S Lim, Stephanie U-Shane Huang, Paul J Hertzog

J Leukoc Biol | Published : 2020


The type I IFNs activate an array of signaling pathways, which are initiated after IFNs bind their cognate receptors, IFNα/β receptor (IFNAR)1 and IFNAR2. These signals contribute to many aspects of human health including defense against pathogens, cancer immunosurveillance, and regulation of inflammation. How these cytokines interact with their receptors influences the quality of these signals. As such, the integrity of receptor structure is pivotal to maintaining human health and the response to immune stimuli. This review brings together genome wide association studies and clinical reports describing the association of nonsynonymous IFNAR1 and IFNAR2 polymorphisms with clinical disease, i..

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