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CiiiDER: A tool for predicting and analysing transcription factor binding sites.

Linden J Gearing, Helen E Cumming, Ross Chapman, Alexander M Finkel, Isaac B Woodhouse, Kevin Luu, Jodee A Gould, Samuel C Forster, Paul J Hertzog

PLoS One | Published : 2019


The availability of large amounts of high-throughput genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic data has provided opportunity to understand regulation of the cellular transcriptome with an unprecedented level of detail. As a result, research has advanced from identifying gene expression patterns associated with particular conditions to elucidating signalling pathways that regulate expression. There are over 1,000 transcription factors (TFs) in vertebrates that play a role in this regulation. Determining which of these are likely to be controlling a set of genes can be assisted by computational prediction, utilising experimentally verified binding site motifs. Here we present CiiiDER, an integrat..

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