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The adenoma-carcinoma sequence in the colorectum--early appearance of a hierarchy of small intestinal mucin antigen (SIMA) epitopes and correlation with malignant potential.

SJ Pilbrow, PJ Hertzog, AW Linnane

British Journal of Cancer | Published : 1992


The colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence was examined in relation to the ectopic expression of the oncofoetal Small Intestinal Mucin Antigen (SIMA), to the development of morphologic changes in the adenoma and perineoplastic mucosa and to indices of malignant potential. Four anti-SIMA MAbs, which define a novel hierarchy of SIMA epitopes in the normal small intestine and adjacent to colorectal cancers, were used in a retrospective immunohistochemical study of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP, n = 183) and non-familial (n = 44) adenomas. Inappropriate expression of SIMA epitopes was first detected in mucosa adjacent to minute microadenomas larger than three glands, and with increase in si..

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