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Aberrant expression of intestinal mucin antigens associated with colorectal carcinoma defined by a panel of monoclonal antibodies.

PJ Hertzog, SJ Pilbrow, J Pedersen, AL Polglase, M Lawson, AW Linnane

British Journal of Cancer | Published : 1991


Small intestine mucin antigen (SIMA) is an oncofoetal antigen for the colon and is distinct from the normal large intestinal mucin antigen (LIMA). In the present study, a panel of anti-SIMA and anti-LIMA monoclonal antibodies (MAb) was used to charaterise altered mucin expression in colorectal adenocarcinomas, by immunohistochemistry and quantitative immunoassays of tissue extracts. These results are compared with CEA expression and correlated with various clinicopathological indices. All mucin MAb reacted with a high proportion of the 100 colon cancers of every stage, histological type (including non-mucinous cancers), differentiation, site, or size. Inappropriate SIMA production was detect..

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