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Transcript profiling of Elf5 /- mammary glands during pregnancy identifies novel targets of Elf5.

Renee L Rogers, Isabelle Van Seuningen, Jodee Gould, Paul J Hertzog, Matthew J Naylor, Melanie A Pritchard

PLoS One | Published : 2010


BACKGROUND: Elf5, an epithelial specific Ets transcription factor, plays a crucial role in the pregnancy-associated development of the mouse mammary gland. Elf5(-/-) embryos do not survive, however the Elf5(+/-) mammary gland displays a severe pregnancy-associated developmental defect. While it is known that Elf5 is crucial for correct mammary development and lactation, the molecular mechanisms employed by Elf5 to exert its effects on the mammary gland are largely unknown. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Transcript profiling was used to investigate the transcriptional changes that occur as a result of Elf5 haploinsufficiency in the Elf5(+/-) mouse model. We show that the development of the mouse Elf5(+/..

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