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A major site of expression of the ets transcription factor Elf5 is epithelia of exocrine glands.

Erika J Lapinskas, Jodie Palmer, Sharon Ricardo, Paul J Hertzog, Annet Hammacher, Melanie A Pritchard

Histochem Cell Biol | Published : 2004


Elf5 belongs to the ets family of transcription factors and was cloned by homology in the DNA binding domain to the related, epithelial-specific ets factor, Elf3. Elf5 mRNA is expressed highly in normal tissue rich in secretory epithelial cells, including mammary gland, lung, kidney, prostate, salivary gland and stomach. The function of Elf5 and the cell types in which it is expressed remain uncharacterised. The presence of Elf5 mRNA in normal tissues, but absence in cancer tissues, may suggest a role for Elf5 in differentiation and development. We have generated a rabbit antiserum directed against a peptide in the Elf5 DNA-binding domain that is conserved between murine and human sequences...

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