Book Chapter

Scicurious as method

Kathryn Coleman, Sarah Healy, Niels Wouters, Jenny Martin, Lea Campbell, Samuel Peck, Amanda Belton, Rose Hiscock

Researching in the Age of COVID-​19 Volume 3: Creativity and Ethics | Policy Press, | Published : 2020


Could COVID-​19, this unexpected crisis, act as a comma 6 in a co-​research-​creation project to become a breathing space and not a full stop? Maybe this pause is a colon: the two different periods of the project (and life in general) on either side of the pandemic, equally important and dependent on each other for full meaning. In this chapter, we tell the story of how a co-​research-​creation event (the Sci Curious Project) unfolded before and during the COVID-​19 pandemic 7 ; the lead-​up to its irruption (St. Pierre, 1997) and then what came after. ‘Scicurious as method’ emerged out of the unexpected pause and recalibration of the project; a method that emphasizes the creation of researc..

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