Thesis / Dissertation

The portrayal of the Trojans in Euripides and its implications for Greek attitudes towards barbarians in the late fifth century

Marc Bonaventura, Hyun Jin Kim (ed.)

Published : 2016


This thesis examines the portrayal of the Trojans in Euripides’ tragedies, particularly the "Andromache", "Hecuba", and "Troades". It primarily investigates whether the Trojans are presented as noble and admirable figures, or denigrated as stereotypical eastern barbarians. These results are integrated with recent developments in scholarship regarding Greek attitudes towards non-Greeks to determine what Euripides’ depiction of the Trojans can reveal about how late fifth-century Athenians viewed and perceived easterners. In keeping with recent scholarly developments, which tend to focus on the extensive tradition of cultural interaction, influence, and exchange between Greeks and non-Greeks, ..

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