Thesis / Dissertation

Development of frost tolerance in Brassica napus using Arabidopsis ACYL-COENZYME A-BINDING PROTEIN6

Eden Jane Tongson, Paul William James Taylor (ed.)

Published : 2017


Canola crops in Australia are greatly affected by frost stress, especially at the grain-filling stage, which results in poor seed fill and poor oil quality. Frost tolerance was developed for rapid-cycling Brassica napus and B. napus ‘Westar’, using Agrobacterium-mediated transformation with A. thaliana ACYL-COENZYME A-BINDING PROTEIN6 (ACBP6). Using four-day-old cotyledon explants, in vitro regeneration of rapid-cycling B. napus and B. juncea was established with an optimum concentration of 5 µM of BAP and 2 µM of NAA. B. napus ‘Westar’ and rapid-cycling B. napus were successfully transformed with ACBP6 through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation; with transformation efficiency of 6.1% for..

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