Thesis / Dissertation

A low-temperature thermochronology investigation of the Turkana Depression: Implications for the development of the East African Rift System

Samuel C Boone, Andrew JW Gleadow (ed.)

Published : 2018


The Turkana Depression is one of the most important segments of the East African Rift System (EARS) for studying the onset of intracontinental rifting and the influence of pre-existing lithospheric heterogeneities on focussing later magmatism and strain. Defining the topographic lowlands separating the Ethiopian and East African Domes, the Turkana Depression hosts the earliest manifestations of EARS-related volcanism (Eocene) and basin formation (Paleogene), as suggested by seismic data. Here in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, the EARS is expressed by a difuse region (~300 km) of deformation and highly attenuated crust (~ 20 km), in marked contrast to the narrow rift trends (~50 km) an..

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