Thesis / Dissertation

The control of melanoma by the Hippo pathway

Lie Yang, Kieran Harvey (ed.)

Published : 2018


Melanoma is an aggressive cancer with extremely unfavourable prognosis. Two main types of melanoma include cutaneous melanoma (CM) accounting for around 95% and uveal melanoma (UM) around 5%. In Australia, melanoma is in the top five most commonly diagnosed cancers, estimated to contribute to over 10% of all new cancer diagnoses in 2017 (Cancer Australia, 2018.). While the overall death rate caused by all cancer is decreasing, the mortality of melanoma has increased in recent years (Howlader et al., 2012; AIHW, 2017). Patients diagnosed only with primary melanoma have relatively high survival rates, whereas when patients are diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, the survival rate is very low (..

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