Thesis / Dissertation

Elucidating the developmental biology of Haemonchus contortus and other nematodes using a multi-omics approach

Guangxu Ma, Robin Gasser (ed.)

Published : 2019


An appraisal of current literature (Chapter 1) revealed that many parasitic worms are pathogens of animals, causing major diseases and socioeconomic losses worldwide. Efforts to control roundworms (nematodes) are often compromised by widespread resistance to currently used treatments. Thus, there is a clear need to work toward new interventions, preferably based on a deep understanding of the molecular biology of nematodes and/or the relationship that they have with their host animals. The predominant focus of the present thesis was on exploring aspects of the developmental biology of parasitic nematodes using advanced molecular (‘omic) and bioinformatic technologies, with an emphasis on t..

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