Thesis / Dissertation

Studies on gastrointestinal nematodes of alpacas in Australia

Mohammed Haronur Rashid, Abdul Jabbar (ed.)

Published : 2019


The Australian alpaca industry has grown remarkably since the re-introduced of alpaca into the country in the 1980s. This relatively new and small industry faces various challenges that affect the overall production (fibre, meat etc.) of animals. For example, production losses and deaths associated with gastrointestinal nematodes (GINs) have become one of the major concerns for alpaca producers in Australia and elsewhere as there is a scarcity of reliable information about the epidemiology of GINs in alpacas, worm control practices used by alpaca farmers and the efficacy status of widely used unregistered anthelmintics. The present thesis aimed to (i) assess worm control practices used by Au..

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