Thesis / Dissertation

The KH-domain protein Psi fine-tunes transcription of developmental genes to pattern cell and tissue growth in Drosophila

Olga Zaytseva, Leonie Quinn (ed.)

Published : 2019


Mammalian FUBP-family proteins play roles in both transcription and RNA processing, by binding single stranded nucleic acids via their KH domains. Particularly, in vitro mammalian tissue culture studies suggest that FUBP1 drives MYC transcription in response to growth stimuli. MYC is a key regulator of growth and cell cycle progression essential for normal development. Furthermore, expression of MYC is aberrantly upregulated in approximately 70% of all cancers. Understanding the mechanisms that control MYC expression may lead to insights into how MYC dysregulated in diseases such as cancer. However, the significance of the transcriptional control by FUBP1 proteins at the MYC promoter and gen..

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