Thesis / Dissertation

Measurement of Direct CP Asymmetry and Branching Fraction in B0→D0𝜋0 and B →D0𝜋 at the Belle Experiment

Tristan Joel Bloomfield, Martin Sevior (ed.)

Published : 2019


This thesis describes the measurement of direct CP asymmetry and branching fraction for the hadronic B decays B0 -> D0 pi0 an B+ -> D0 pi+. The study uses the full dataset of 711 fb^(-1) collected at the Y(4S) resonance by the Belle experiment at the KEKB accelerator in Tsukuba, Japan. Event reconstruction, background suppression and modelling are first studied using Monte Carlo simulations, before yield and direct CP asymmetry are extracted in a three-dimensional unbinned extended maximum likelihood fit. B+ -> D0 pi+ is measured first as the control mode to validate the methodology, before same techniques are used on B0 -> D0 pi0 . The measured branching fractions and direct CP asymmetries ..

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