Thesis / Dissertation

'Winged phrases' from Soviet cinema: the use and dynamics of high-frequency film quotations in modern Russian

Natallia Kabiak, Robert Lagerberg (ed.)

Published : 2019


The focus of this study is ‘winged phrases’ from Soviet cinema; that is, phrases from films, as they make their way into spoken and written Russian and thereby enter the collective consciousness. This research examines the contexts for, as well as how and why, popular winged phrases from Soviet films have been incorporated into contemporary Russian language practice. Drawing on theoretical insights based on the concept of ‘dialogism’ (Bakhtin), the field of semiotics (Lotman, Clark), Propp’s model of the fairy tale and Coulson’s space structuring model, this study analyses four data sets to form a view on these matters: online communications within the “Цитаты советского кино” (Quotations..

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