Thesis / Dissertation

Examining Automated Corrective Feedback in EFL Writing Classrooms: A Case Study of Criterion

Thi Linh Giang Hoang, Neomy Storch (ed.)

Published : 2019


Automated writing evaluation (AWE) systems are increasingly used in classroom settings to provide formative feedback to learners. Yet, there is a scarcity of research evidence about the impact of automated feedback on accuracy development or writing/revision practices and a lack of longitudinal studies into learners’ engagement with automated feedback. This research examines the value of the automated corrective feedback (ACF) generated by ETS Criterion as a learning and assessment tool in the EFL writing classroom. Specifically, it seeks to answer the questions about (1) the nature and accuracy of Criterion ACF; (2) students’ engagement and perceptions; and (3) their changed accuracy follow..

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