Thesis / Dissertation

Characterising Spatiotemporal Pattern of Flow Regime in Large-Scale Arid-Zone Anastomosing Rivers

Abbas Mohammadi, Dongryeol Ryu (ed.)

Published : 2019


Abstract Anastomosing rivers are characterised by their low stream power (<10 Wm-2) in low-gradient floodplains (slope ~ 0.02%) and fine-grained cohesive sediments with minimal lateral activity. These rivers have a significant endemic and range-restricted biodiversity and the annual flood cycle is the basis of subsistence of the local population, providing water, arable land, and wetland resources. Consequently, they play a vital role in sustaining the cultural and environmental life of their basins. However, they are under increasing pressure on land use and water demands. In order to determine a sustainable level of water allocation for human purposes, their flow regime should be character..

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