Thesis / Dissertation

Renaturing the nature strip: Spatial, environmental and social drivers of road verge extent, composition and resident gardening behaviour

Adrian John Marshall, Margaret Grose (ed.)

Published : 2019


In this thesis I ask What spatial, environmental and social drivers underpin road verge extent, distribution and vegetation? I investigated road verges across 47 neighbourhoods in Melbourne, Australia, quantifying their extent and distribution and the extent and distribution of the verge gardening undertaken by residents, and I surveyed residents on their beliefs regarding the road verge and verge gardening, and characterised the flora of the road verge understorey. Road easement green space constituted 7.0% of land cover and a high 36.7% of all public green space. The percentage of the road easement that was green space was positively correlated with date of neighbourhood development, foot..

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