Thesis / Dissertation

Characteristics, management and outcomes of acute liver failure in australasian intensive care units

Stephen Joseph Warrillow, Rinaldo Bellomo (ed.)

Published : 2019


Introduction Acute liver failure (ALF) is a form of rapidly progressive liver injury. It induces encephalopathy, cerebral oedema, deranged haemostasis, haemodynamic compromise, renal failure, and metabolic abnormalities. Emergency liver transplantation (ELT) is sometimes necessary for survival. Unfortunately, little is known about ALF in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Aims To develop a comprehensive description of ALF in ANZ. Methods Data for ALF patients were obtained from the ANZ Intensive Care Society Centre for Outcomes and Resource Evaluation Adult Patient Database and the ANZ Liver Transplant Registry. The Australasian Management of Acute Liver Failure Investigator group was formed..

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