Thesis / Dissertation

Functional Mix and Changing Morphology of Dhaka

Fatema Meher Khan, Kimberly Dovey (ed.)

Published : 2020


'Functional Mix' has re-emerged in the field of urban planning, inspired by the pioneering work of Jane Jacobs. As opposed to the modernist urban planning approach of functional segregation, Jacobs argued that different functions of the city work in synergy and understanding the synergies and co-functioning of different uses is primary to comprehending how cities work. Spontaneously-developed mixed-use functions characterise many cities of the global South. Dhaka is one of them, where an extensive mix has been developed in an unregulated way. At present, the nature of such mixing has created a composite land-use pattern, which is often seen as a crisis rather than an advantage. A common crit..

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