Thesis / Dissertation

Studies investigating the clinical impact and immunological host response to viral eradication in hepatitis C infection

Swee Lin Ginette Chen Yi Mei, Alexander Thompson (ed.)

Published : 2019


Australia now has improved access to HCV treatment for individuals with all stages of liver disease. There is limited data however, documenting any long-term clinical benefit of viral eradication in those with early stage liver disease. We report on the long-term outcomes of a well-characterised cohort of CHC subjects with predominantly early stage liver disease, whom paired liver fibrosis assessments were performed more than 10 years apart. We show in a real-world setting, that both early and curative HCV treatment halts fibrosis progression. Our data supports the early treatment of all people with CHC regardless of liver fibrosis stage, to prevent long-term liver sequelae. In subjects wit..

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