Thesis / Dissertation

Physical effects of anthropogenic aerosols on wheat production in the eastern Indo Gangetic Plain

Shreemat Shrestha, Murray Peel (ed.)

Published : 2019


The Indo Gangetic Plain (IGP) is home to 800 million people and is considered a hot spot of air pollution due to persistently high anthropogenic atmospheric aerosol loading. High levels of anthropogenic aerosols in the IGP not only affect the health of people, but also affect the health of the natural system and climate of the region in terms of their effect (physical) on surface dimming, monsoon pattern, evapotranspiration, fog events, glacial retreat, reduction of stream discharge during dry season, etc. Since the IGP is a food bowl of south Asia, it is crucial to understand the effect of anthropogenic aerosols on crop production for the food security and livelihood of the millions of peop..

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