Thesis / Dissertation

Towards unravelling the immunomodulatory mechanisms of S. mansoni & L. major parasites in a mouse model using transgenesis

Mebrahtu Gebreyohannes Tedla, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck (ed.)

Published : 2019


Schistosoma mansoni and Leishmania major parasites use immunomodulatory strategies to evade the host’s immune response and little is known about the mechanisms by which these two parasites modulate host immune responses. As a result, these parasites develop different subversion mechanisms to escape host immunity and controlling such immunomodulatory pathogens is still not successful. In this project we hypothesized that an understanding of the ability of memory T cells to withstand pathogen manipulation is crucial for the development of effective vaccine strategies to control these pathogens. Therefore, in this study, OVA transgenic S. mansoni and OVA transgenic L. major were generated to us..

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