Thesis / Dissertation

A narrow pore zeolite: ZSM-25 for natural gas purification

Jianhua Zhao, Paul Webley (ed.)

Published : 2019


Due to both increased greenhouse gas emissions and increased natural gas demand, the development of separating CO2 and N2 from methane-rich streams (e.g. natural gas, biogas and landfill gas) has arisen worldwide research interest. Greenhouse gas emissions can be mitigated by post-combustion technology and switching the energy structure to CH4-based energy sources. Natural gas is the most significant source of CH4, which typically contains around 80%-95% CH4, less than 10% CO2 and N2, and small amounts of hydrocarbons. Hence, removing the CO2 and N2 is critical for purifying natural gas, with the respect of both increasing the energy density and preventing the corrosion of the pipeline cause..

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