Thesis / Dissertation

Designing New Singlet Fission Materials for High Performance Organic Solar Cells

Saghar Masoomigodarzi, David Jones (ed.)

Published : 2019


Singlet fission (SF) is the photophysical process of splitting one singlet state into two triplet states. The first requirement for SF is that the first excited singlet state of the chromophore should be at least twice the energy of the first triplet state. In the last decade, SF has received a lot of attention as a way of converting high energy photon above the semiconductor bandgap to two lower energy excitons closer to the bandgap and so overcoming the Shockley-Quiesser limit (maximum theoretical efficiency of photovoltaic cells) of single-junction solar cells. However, the number of SF materials that can be included in photovoltaic devices is limited because of strict materials requireme..

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