Thesis / Dissertation

Non-volatile secondary metabolites in foliar oil glands of Eucalyptus species

Samiddhi Lankani Senaratne, Jason Goodger (ed.)

Published : 2020


Plants synthesise a vast range of secondary metabolites that are stored in specialised cells or organs. The presence of sub-dermal glands rich in volatile terpene essential oils is characteristic of the trees of the genus Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae). Recent studies showed that non-volatile compounds (NVCs), particularly monoterpene acid glucose esters (MAGEs), co-occur with volatile components in Eucalyptus foliar oil glands. The principal aim of this thesis is to characterise MAGEs and other non-volatiles localised to Eucalyptus oil glands and to explore their relationships to the co-housed oil components. Glandular extracts from a range of Eucalyptus species belonging to the two major subgener..

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