Thesis / Dissertation

High-fidelity simulations and data-driven modelling of turbulent premixed jet flames

Man Ching Ma, Richard Sandberg (ed.)

Published : 2020


In most practical premixed combustion devices, turbulence-flame interaction (TFI) is a key factor affecting flame structure, stability, and emissions. As a result, the overall aim of this thesis is to improve our fundamental understanding of the physical behaviour of TFI, as well as to develop models for TFI under various conditions. Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) are used as a tool to address these goals. This study investigates the effects of inflow turbulence on flame evolution and TFI, as well as the effect of Karlovitz number in turbulent premixed jet flames. This study also investigates the novel application of an evolutionary algorithm for developing algebraic Flame Surface Dens..

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