Thesis / Dissertation

Interfacial rheology of fluid-fluid interfaces at the micro to nanoscale with AFM

Matthew Dominic Biviano, Raymond Dagastine (ed.)

Published : 2019


This thesis introduces and benchmarks 2 novel AFM based techniques to characterise the interfacial rheology of polymeric fluid-fluid interfaces. We develop and benchmark a time-dependent extension of capsule compression to model oscillatory indentations, determining the interfacial rheology of capsules from thin shells to thick shells. This is first tested and benchmarked using the food-based emulsifier beta-lactoglobulin at the MCT-Oil interface. This system is then crosslinked and the behavioural changes in the capsule oscillatory rheology, bicone shear rheology and pendant drop dilational rheology are tested. This investigation has shown that there is a significant frequency dependent re..

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