Thesis / Dissertation

Embodiment of the Real: An interdisciplinary study of subjectivity, trauma and spiritual cultivation

Evgenii Timofeev, Elizabeth Presa (ed.)

Published : 2019


In Lacanian psychoanalysis the Real stands for a register of the psyche that resists symbolisation. It may erupt through contingent traumatic events, unbearable bodily intensities, anxiety, or death. How is one able to process these painful events? Here, I refer to the tragic event of my father’s brain stroke, which turned him half-paralysed, our family breakdown and subsequent passing of both of my parents. This interdisciplinary practice-based research seeks to properly understand the above sorrowful events of eruption of the Real. My goal is to establish a plane of knowledge that allows viewing the psychophysical processes of encountering the Real positively, and to develop skilful means ..

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