Thesis / Dissertation

Assessment of scanning-stereo-PIV techniques for turbulent flows

Vijaya Rama Reddy Gudla, Ivan Marusic (ed.)

Published : 2020


In this thesis, the performance of the scanning-stereo-particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique for three-dimensional (3D) measurement of turbulent flows is studied. Scanning-PIV is an increasingly popular tool for volumetric measurements owing to its ability to deal with high particle seeding density while using only two cameras. The 3D velocity field is computed from the scanning-PIV data using two different methods. In the first (referred to here as the scan-stack), one can apply the standard (single plane) stereoscopic-PIV (SPIV) technique to the images at each scan-position and stack them together (Hori and Sakakibara, 2004; Partridge et al., 2019, for example). While in the second ap..

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