Thesis / Dissertation

The nature and extent of reactions between CO2 - rich water and fractured continental flood basalts

Meghalim Phukan, Ralf Haese (ed.)

Published : 2020


Continental flood basalts have been considered as an unconventional reservoir for geological carbon storage where vesiculated basalt intervals serve as reservoirs and massive basalt zones as a caprock. However, the presence of fractures in the massive layer may lead to CO2 leakage. The objective of this study is to understand the reactions of CO2-saturated fluid on fractured basalt and the respective changes in the fracture and adjacent connected pore network geometry at an early stage of the evolving geochemical system. Batch reaction experiments, high-resolution sample characterisation, and modeling are used to better evaluate basalts as CO2 storage reservoirs. The nature and extent of in..

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