Thesis / Dissertation

Systemic impacts of low dose insecticide exposures in Drosophila: a mechanism centred on oxidative stress

Felipe Martelli Soares da Silva, Philip Batterham (ed.)

Published : 2020


The plight of insect populations around the world has gained increasing attention. A recent meta-analysis published in Science reported an average decline of terrestrial insect abundance by average 9% per decade since 1925 (van Klink et al. 2020). While this is a lower rate of decline than reported in earlier meta-analyses (Sanchez-Bayo and Wyckhuys 2019) it still suggests that many terrestrial insect species are under threat. The extinction of terrestrial insect species would severely affect agriculture and ecosystems due to the vital role that many species play in pollination, the recycling of organic matter, pest control and other ecosystem services. Insecticide exposure has been proposed..

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