Thesis / Dissertation

Overland flow scaling behaviour in a burned dry hillslope

Leila Kasraie, Andrew Western (ed.)

Published : 2020


The scale-dependency of overland flow is frequently observed in rainfall runoff measurements, (Wilcox et al., 1997, Wilcox et al., 2003, Van de Giesen et al., 2000, Sheridan et al., 2014), yet largely neglected in rainfall-runoff models (Bloschl and Sivapalan, 1995, Chen et al., 2016a). Overland flow scaling behaviours within a given hillslope have been attributed to the main factors controlling infiltration and runoff processes including spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties (Julien and Moglen, 1990), run-on effect (Wainwright and Parsons, 2002, Langhans et al., 2014), macropore flow (Nyman et al., 2010, Ritsema and Dekker, 1995, Wessolek et al., 2009, Nyman et al., 2014, Stoof e..

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