Thesis / Dissertation

The beneficial effects of Trichoderma harzianum T-22 in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) roots under salt stress

Sneha Vinay Kumar Gupta, Ute Roessner (ed.)

Published : 2020


Soil salinity is an important problem that impacts agriculture globally. A sustainable approach for improving productivity is to adopt beneficial microorganisms to enhance the supply of soil nutrients to plants in stressful environments. Our work is showing that the fungus Trichoderma harzianum T-22 enhances barley growth and nutrient uptake in saline conditions. The fungus symbiotically lives inside the roots and triggers beneficial biochemical and metabolic changes. This project has broad implications for applying beneficial plant-microbe interactions to improve agricultural productivity. Chapter 1 covers the history and performance of endophytic fungi applied to crops as an alternative ..

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