Thesis / Dissertation

Direct numerical simulation of flame-wall interaction and flame-cooling air interaction

Rahul Palulli, Mohsen Talei (ed.)

Published : 2020


The interaction of a flame with a relatively cold combustor wall with or without cooling air jets, i.e. flame-wall interaction (FWI) and flame-cooling air interaction (FCAI) influences emissions and fuel consumption. In particular, with the current trend towards increasing the power density in energy-producing systems, these phenomena become even more important in the new generation of modern gas turbines. As a result, a full understanding of FWI and FCAI and their impact on the produced emissions is a topic of interest. In this thesis, a preheated, premixed methane/air flame is studied in the context of FWI and FCAI using direct numerical simulation (DNS). First, two-dimensional (2D) DNSs a..

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