Thesis / Dissertation

Laparoscopic & Laparoscopically-Assisted Surgery in Rabbits: Comparison of Isobaric and Insufflated Laparoscopic Techniques to Open Laparotomy

Blaine David Mccracken, Stewart Ryan (ed.)

Published : 2019


The use of laparoscopic surgery for routine procedures such as ovariohysterectomy has been well described for dogs and is common in humans. Rabbits have been previously used as models for human laparoscopic surgery and training models for paediatric surgery, however reported use of clinical laparoscopy in rabbits is rare. There are concerns for use of laparoscopic surgery in rabbits due to the effects of the insufflation on ventilation and the risk of increased morbidity from the insufflation contributing to gastrointestinal stasis, a common and life-threatening complication of any surgery in rabbits. This study is designed to quantify and characterise the changes in the postoperative morbi..

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