Thesis / Dissertation

The Office of Magister Militum in the 4th Century CE: A Study into the Political and Military History of the Later Roman Empire

Christopher Stephen Bendle, Frederik Vervaet (ed.)

Published : 2020


The magistri militum were the highest-ranking generals of the late Roman imperial army. Emperor Constantine I created this office in the early part of the fourth century with the intention of reducing the chance that generals would threaten the reigns of his sons and dynastic heirs. This was initially a success, and the magistri militum competently served the whims of the emperors for many decades. They commanded the imperial armies in war, they were involved in asserting the religious will of the emperors, and their schemes were limited to low-level politicking. Over time, however, the magistri began to resist the dominance of the emperors, and this thesis will seek to explore how the role..

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