Thesis / Dissertation

An exploration of key informant perspectives on factors influencing settlement of male Hazara youth who migrated to Melbourne as unaccompanied minors

John Kirwa Tum Kole, Lesleyanne Hawthorne (ed.)

Published : 2020


Background: Globally, there has been an extraordinary growth in refugees and asylum-seekers in the past two decades. Australia experienced a dramatic increase in boat-arrivals in 2008–2013, with many being Afghan Hazara including unaccompanied asylum-seeker minors (UAMs). Global and Australian studies highlight the significance of providing UAMs with appropriate settlement services during their adjustment period, yet few ethno-specific studies have to date sought service provider perspectives on support provided to male Hazara UAMs pre-18 years and former UAMs (fUAMs) post-18 years. Methods: This qualitative study addressed this research gap using ecological systems theory and social network..

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