Thesis / Dissertation

A Comprehensive Review of Structural Alterations in CO2-Interacted Coal: Insights into CO(2 )Sequestration in Coal

KHSM Sampath, PG Ranjith, MSA Perera

Energy and Fuels | Published : 2020


The greenhouse gas effect, which primarily comes from the vast destruction of forests and energy production from burning fossil fuels including oil and coal, is driving up the Earth's temperature and fundamentally changing the world around us. In a portfolio of options which aid in the stabilization of greenhouse gases, especially the anthropogenic CO2 level, CO2 sequestration in coal reservoirs is a better option, as the process is associated with coalbed methane extraction, which offsets the cost of sequestration. A detailed understanding of coal's structural alterations which occur upon CO2 injection is imperative for productive and safe sequestration. This paper presents a comprehensive ..

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