Thesis / Dissertation

An investigation of casein and whey protein interactions during rennet gelation to effectively incorporate whey proteins into cheddar cheese matrices

Charitha Jayani Gamlath Pahala Gallath Rallage, Gregory Martin (ed.)

Published : 2020


Cheddar cheese is formed by enzyme-induced coagulation of milk proteins, known as ‘rennet gelation’. During rennet gelation of milk, only the casein proteins are coagulated while the whey proteins are expulsed from the coagulum. This results in approximately 20% of the protein being lost during cheese production. Although whey proteins are nutritionally valuable and can be converted to commercial products such as powder, they are often disposed of as a waste. Incorporating them back into cheese is an attractive in-situ method of utilizing the whey protein released during cheese making. It also offers the opportunity to produce cheese with elevated protein and nutritional properties. Concent..

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