Thesis / Dissertation

Depicting Boom Urbanism: A critical investigation of Kalgoorlie and Boulder, Western Australia, 1893-1903

Philip David Goldswain, Hannah Lewi (ed.)

Published : 2019


Through a series of written and drawn investigations, this thesis considers the spaces, events and processes of boom urbanism and industrialisation in the East Goldfields of Western Australia between 1893 and 1903 as recorded in photographs and maps. Employing these media, under-utilised in the writing of history of the built environment, the thesis will examine this lacuna in Australia’s urban history. Kalgoorlie and Boulder are the locations of the last great gold rush in Australia. The discovery of alluvial and then deep reef of gold in the East Coolgardie Goldfield has long been acknowledged as a significant moment in Western Australian and Australian history. The industrial and urban t..

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