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Clinical summary guide: reproduction in women with previous abdominopelvic radiotherapy or total body irradiation.

G Rozen, P Rogers, S Chander, R Anderson, O McNally, M Umstad, A Winship, K Hutt, WT Teh, A Dobrotwir, R Hart, W Ledger, K Stern

Human Reproduction Open | Published : 2020


STUDY QUESTION: What is the evidence to guide the management of women who wish to conceive following abdominopelvic radiotherapy (AP RT) or total body irradiation (TBI)? SUMMARY ANSWER: Pregnancy is possible, even following higher doses of post-pubertal uterine radiation exposure; however, it is associated with adverse reproductive sequelae and pregnancies must be managed in a high-risk obstetric unit. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: In addition to primary ovarian insufficiency, female survivors who are treated with AP RT and TBI are at risk of damage to the uterus. This may impact on its function and manifest as adverse reproductive sequelae. STUDY DESIGN SIZE DURATION: A review of the literature wa..

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