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Integrated on Chip Platform with Quantum Emitters in Layered Materials

Sejeong Kim, My Hanh Duong Ngoc, Nguyen Minh, Tsung-Ju Lu, Mehran Kianinia, Noah Mendelson, Alexander Solntsev, Carlo Bradac, Dirk R Englund, Igor Aharonovich



Integrated quantum photonic circuitry is an emerging topic that requires efficient coupling of quantum light sources to waveguides and optical resonators. So far, great effort is devoted to engineering on-chip systems from 3D crystals such as diamond or gallium arsenide. In this study, room-temperature coupling is demonstrated of quantum emitters embedded in layered hexagonal boron nitride to an on-chip aluminum nitride waveguide. 1.35% light coupling efficiency is achieved in the device and transmission of single photons through the waveguide is demonstrated. The results serve as foundation for integrating layered materials to on-chip components and realizing integrated quantum photonic cir..

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Awarded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

Awarded by 863 Program

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development

Awarded by Office of Naval Research Global

Funding Acknowledgements

S.K. and N.M.H.D. contributed equally to this work. The authors thank the National Science Foundation (NSF) (1263236, 0968895, and 1102301); The 863 Program (2013AA014402), Australian Research Council (DE180100070, DE180100810, and DP190101058), the Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development grant FA2386-17-1-4064, the Office of Naval Research Global under Grant No. N62909-18-1-2025 for the financial support. The authors thank Prof. Brian Gerardot for useful discussions.