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Recharge and increase in hardness of GIC with CPP-ACP/F

Peiyan Shen, Ilya Zalizniak, Joseph EA Palamara, Michael F Burrow, Glenn D Walker, Yi Yuan, Coralie Reynolds, James R Fernando, Eric C Reynolds

Dental Materials | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of CPP-ACP/F recharging on ion release and hardness of GIC Fuji-Triage (VII) and Fuji-Triage-EP (VII-EP) containing CPP-ACP/F. METHODS: CPP-ACP distribution in Fuji-Triage-EP was determined using immunofluorescence. Thirty blocks of Fuji-Triage and Fuji-Triage-EP with the same surface area were placed individually in 5mL of 50mM lactic acid (pH 5) for three days. Every 12h ten Fuji-Triage and ten Fuji-Triage-EP blocks were treated with 2mL of either MI Paste Plus (CPP-ACP/F) solution (1g paste+4mL water), Placebo MI paste solution (no CPP-ACP/F), or distilled water for 2min. After each 2min treatment the blocks were rinsed with distilled water and placed back ..

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