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No behavioral syndromes or sex-specific personality differences in the southern rainforest sunskink (Lampropholis similis)

Celine T Goulet, Wes Hart, Ben L Phillips, John Llewelyn, Bob BM Wong, David G Chapple

ETHOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2021


Behavioral syndromes, when individuals within a population express consistent behavioral differences across time and context, are widespread in animal taxa. For many species, males and females experience different selective pressures after maturation, resulting in the divergence of life‐history and behavioral traits. However, the potential for sex‐specific differences in individual behaviors and behavioral syndromes has rarely been assessed. Here, we tested for sex‐specific differences in behavior (activity, exploration, sociability) and personality in the southern rainforest sunskink, Lampropholis similis. We found that most behaviors in L. similis did not differ between sexes, the exceptio..

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